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Let’s us admit it. We all want A’s in our school and college. But we haven’t really worked that hard to deserve it. Now that “The Finals” are near, we all need some study hacks and tips and tricks to get the work of a whole semester done in a day or a week.

Ugh, no-matter how much we hate to be in this situation, we just can’t study throughout the year. Hence, I have developed this coping mechanism of studying in least possible time under extreme pressure and score above average marks. Today I am going to share my tips with you, so that you too can get straight A in your exams in least time available to you.

First of all, Studying isn’t about sheer intelligence or hard work. It’s about knowing the right way to study, Smart Work. Now, how to do that smart work is what we are going to learn from this article. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.


One of the best techniques that actually works and is easy to follow. SQ3R stands for Survey-Question-Read-Recite-Review. This is something we all know, that repetition is great for memorizing the chapters. But on the Last Day before exam, we get scared that we might not be able to finish our syllabus. Hence we avoid repeating or revising the chapters that we have covered once. BUT this is the beauty of this method. It is not time taking at all. So, let’s learn about it , so that you can know how useful it actually is.

a guy studying holding a pen. pictorial representation for study hacks
  1. Survey – Leaf through the pages. Just skim through the chapter. Go through the index and introduction. Read the headings and sub-headings. Go through the diagrams and charts. Look for glossary, summary and questions at the end of the chapter. It will hardly take 5 mins to do so.
  2. Question– This will help you to understand what you need to know from this chapter and in turn will help you know the expected questions the examiner can ask. It is one the most crucial steps, so do not skip it. Just go through the headings and sub-headings again. Then Skip to the last page of chapter where you have quizzes and questions. You now have an idea of what you have to learn from this chapter.
  3. Read– Now you will definitely find it easy to read the whole chapter. So, read the whole chapter once at one go. Mark the important points.
  4. Recite– After finishing the whole chapter, you now have the idea about the whole topic. So now just recite the important highlighted parts.
  5. Review– You, by now, know the gist and the answers to the probable questions. So, the last step is to just skim through the pages again. Give a look at the diagrams and the highlighted points. And you are done with that chapter.


You read it right. Use your senses while studying. As simple as that. The SQ3R method, though is very easy and useful, but there are some chapters or subjects which we just don’t want to study. We feel a kind of repulsion on the thought of reading that chapter and hence, we skip it in the last moment. But examiner doesn’t. So, to get that A, we have to complete the whole syllabus, whether we like it or not.

So in this situation. Use your senses. Listen to Audio books or watch explanatory videos of that chapter on YouTube. Create Mind Maps and Flow Charts, whatever suits you. I do it in the following way and it helps me get over my resistance to that subject and study it in less time but score good during exams.

study hacks, a boy reading
  1. Survey- This stays the same. Read the table of contents and introduction. Go through the headings and subheadings. Look for questions at the back of chapter.
  2. Now that you know what to study , just find it on Youtube or any other educational site.
  3. While watching videos, make sure to take notes and try to create flow charts and diagrams and mind maps. We all have a very strong visual memory, which retains things for a longer period of time. So, watching the explanatory videos will not only clear our concepts but also stay longer in our brain due the visual impact it creates.
  4. Finally just go through the notes you have taken. And skim through the pages of the chapter to see if you have left any portion. Now that you have understood the concept, there won’t be any fear or repulsion towards it. So you will find it easier to go though the whole chapter.
  5. Add the significant points from the book to your notes and then READ IT OUT LOUD. Yes, just recite it like the poems we used to recite in kindergarten. You will now feel comfortable with almost all the terminations and jargon. You are now done with this chapter. Move onto the next one.


There is no doubt in the fact that smart work outshines non-directional hard work. And this is how we exactly can make ourselves do the smart work by implementing these study hacks into reality.

These study hacks won’t be any beneficial if we don’t put it to practice in our daily lives. So make sure, you know these study hacks well and also track how well you are putting these into use.

Even though it seems a really long process but it is actually easier than studying like we normally do. And it is time saving as well. You get to memorize and revise the chapter in a much less time than what it actually takes and you are able to answer questions too. What an amazing method it is. How amazing would it have been if we had followed it throughout the year. Would have surely topped the class. Nevertheless, we still have our finals to ace. So let’s focus on that and postpone our daydreams as of now. Check our post on Warren Buffet’s Method and the Ivy Lee Method which will help you in increasing your productivity.

Wishing you all, best of luck for your finals.


Upbeating Life.

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