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Warren Buffett’s “2 List Method” to master the art of productivity.

Everyone wants to utilise their time to the best but only few succeed. This is because some lose their determination and some are unaware of the best techniques. 

Here is yet another amazing productivity technique whose patent is owned by Warren Buffett.

Who is Warren Buffett?

Warren Buffett is one of the most successful investor and entrepreneur of the 20th century who is unknown to none. A major amount of his success is a result of his brilliant ability to utilise and invest his time to the best. 

How it works?

Step 1: Write down 25 career goals that you want to achieve within a desired timeframe. 

For example:  25 career goals that you want to achieve in a month. 

Step 2: Encircle 5 goals from the list you have scribbled down which are more important than the other.

Step 3: Focus on the completion of these 5 goals and avoid paying attention to the 20 remaining goals.

Step 4: After the 5 encircled goals are achieved, skim off 5 more goals from the 20 remaining goals.

Step 5: Follow it until all 25 goals are achieved. But make sure you plan out in a such a way that 25 goals are achieved within the timeframe you have set for yourself.

Why this method works?

  1. Because you have a clear picture in your mind about what your goals are, you’ll not be easily distracted.
  2. Because you have spent time listing and prioritising your work, you won’t waste much time on deciding your goals every day.
  3. Because your mind is decluttered and hence, is more productive.

How I have benefitted from this method?

I am a student, learning new languages, preparing for competitive exams and running a blog. So, I normally like investing time in researching different productivity methods and trying and testing them.

I kept the timeframe limited to 1 week. And it worked for me. Though procrastination was a real trouble for me, yet I kept going and the satisfaction of completing the goals kept pushing me ahead.


It is a great productivity tool and is a must try. I have already made a new list for this month. Have you? Comment down in the comment section.

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Upbeating Life

Footnotes: The source of this information is James Clear, the author of the bestseller Atomic Habits.

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